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                      JUNIOR REGIONAL TETRATHLON By Kathryn Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Charlotte Hicks competed in this amazing competition at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire this weekend(3rd/4th June). These girls were AMAZING!!

163 girls from 8 regions  included competitors who came from Scotland, Wales and Ireland to compete in this event.

All girls shot well with Phoebe scoring 860, Demelza 760 and Charlotte 960. Later in the day they competed in the swimming event with Phoebe swimming 7.15, Demelza 7.07 and Charlotte 9.18. On Saturday evening a barbeque was held in the camping field with each team providing some entertainment. The theme this year was " Super Heroes " and duly clad in capes and sparkles the south west team claimed second prize! On Sunday it was back to the serious stuff with a very big and hugely technical course that was like nothing the girls had ever seen! Phoebe, Demelza and Charlotte had to work to gain as many points as possible for the team. Phoebe had a super round only collecting a few faults when she crossed her tracks ( very easy to do on this particular course). Demelza also collected a few jumping faults and Charlotte jumped clear but collected some time penalties. They finished the event with the run where Phoebe finished on 6mins 6 seconds, Demelza 6 mins 25 seconds and Charlotte on 6 minutes. They finished the event with Phoebe gaining 4090 points, Demelza 3787 and Charlotte 4496. They were in a team with Lucy Steven from Lamerton and Henrietta Ewell from Cotley and finished an amazing 7th place. Charlotte also gained an individual 7th place.


                            Inter Area Tetrathlon - by Kathryn Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost, Demelza Morris and Charlotte Hicks competed in this two day event held at Bicton. Phoebe had a super shoot of 920 and Charlotte was awarded best shoot. All girls were fabulous on the up to height XC course with Phoebe and Charlotte going clear inside the time, Demelza had a satnav problem and gained a few penalties in the ride. The team all had super swims and fast run times. East Cornwall team gained a very credible third place with Charlotte having an individual third. These girls were awesome competing against Members from seven different areas and they really pulled out the stops. They are now heading for Moreton Morrel College on 2nd June to compete in the Junior regional Tetrathlon in the South West team, we wish them the best of luck.

                             SDM TRIATHLON  by Kathy Treleaven.

Phoebe Frost and Charlotte Hicks competed in the junior Girls class yesterday(13th May). Phoebe began the day with a super shoot (840) and Charlotte scored (980), they then ran a very long xc race both Phoebe and Charlotte performing well. The swim was held in the outdoor pool at Bovey Tracey and just as the swimming began the heavens opened! Both girls swam amazingly well considering the awful conditions with Phoebe swimming 7.16 and Charlotte 9.10. Both girls finished all 3 phases with a placing, Phoebe 3rd and Charlotte 1st with best shoot, swim and run. The next Tetrathlon is held by North Cornwall on 17th and 18th June with the riding at Lanhydrock.

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This event was held at the Duchy with the show jumping phase being held in the outdoor arena for a change and thankfully the weather was sunny and dry. As in previous CT's we were very fortunate to have Zoe Barwell judging the dressage and this time Caroline Wills judged the show jumping, both doing an excellent job and being very encouraging of the children.

The first class was the Walk and Trot test and 40cm jumping - this was won by Fleur Jackson who also took the best dressage rosette. 2nd was Daisy Swain, 3rd Ava O'Brien, 4th Darcey Goodman and 5th Josie Jackson.

In the second class (Grassroots and 60cm) Faith Davey won and also had the best dressage, 2nd was Florence Scard-Morgan and 3rd Erin Voysey.

In class 3 (Grassroots and 70cm) Faith Davey again won and took best dressage, in second place was Florence Scard-Morgan.

Class 4 (PC Novice Eventing and 75cm). 1st was Sydney Bond, 2nd Nicole Harding,3rd with best dressage was Isobel Thomas, 4th Beth Stephens and 5th Beth Witton.

Class 5 (PC Novice Test and 85cm) was the largest class of the day and was won by Tilly Bassett, 2nd Nicole Harding, 3rd Sydney Bond, 4th Isobel Thomas, 5th Freya Donaghy and 6th Beth Stephens with Holly Hale taking the best dressage.

Class 6 (PC Novice and 95cm). This class was won by Holly Hale, 2nd Tilly Bassett, 3rd Freya Donaghy with best dressage and 4th Amy Blake.

It was noted by Zoe that the dressage tests were well ridden particularly by those that were able to memorise them. Ponies and children were well turned out and all benefitted from being able to jump a second (practice) round of showjumps either at their class height or next height up which made for a great training experience. Class numbers were a little low and I would welcome suggestions to make this a bigger competition next time. Special thanks goes to all the parents who helped out with the running of the day and putting up and taking down of the showjumps. In particular, thanks to Lucy Scard-Morgan, Julie Swain, Marcia Voysey, Fiona Stephens, Sarah Martin and Julia Bassett.

Lucy Thomas



A warm welcome to Scarlett and Florence Moore, Emma Davey, Monty Wickham, Darcey Goodman and Talula Stacey. There are lots of fun things for junior members and we really look forward to seeing you all at the forthcoming rallies. 

It is really refreshing to have so many younger members starting the club.........they are our stars of the future so watch this space!


We had 6 members competing at this event yesterday posting some awesome results!  Unfortunately the swim was cancelled due to a faulty pump in the pool so the event became a shoot and run event.

Holly Reid competed in her first ever triathlon and proved tobe an absolute superstar in the run phase completing the 1000m course in a super fast 3mins 55sec.  This gained the best run in the class and she finished in 5th place individually.  GO HOLLY!!!

In the mini girls class, Isabel and Tamsyn also had a good day with Issy shooting a super 760 and also posting a fast run to finish in 5th place individually.  Tamsyn had been unwell but was still willing to compete fopr her team with a good shoot of 640 and a good run.  Holly, Issy and Tamsyn were awarded 9th place in the team competition.

The very competitive Junior girls class was as popular as ever with lots of strong athelets entered.  Kensa has also been really poorly but, as always, she was determined to compete and cheer her team mates on.  Hollie had only competed a few times and is improving her performance each time, she had a good run and shoot.  Demelza had a super day shooting a good 700 and then running a super fast 1500m on a very soggy course to finish in 3rd place.


Area Dressage - Written by Tracey Baker

An amazing number of members attended on Sunday 17th July to compete at three different levels.

Our 10 years and under competing in the walk and trot junior class they were fantastic as it was a busy and hot day the team came 3rd both in the competition and tack and turnout for some members this was one of their first competitions and Daisy Swain and Florence Scard-Morgan were confident and enjoyed the experience. Ella Glennon came 3rd individually.

Moving onto the Grassroots competition we had 5 teams entered (20 members) and the effort in presentation and preparation was outstanding. Our younger team known as the dressage divas Erin Voyzey, Millie Frost, Rosie Busby and Holly Reid did well coming 7th. Macy Simpson, Steph Bennison, Mary Nason and Ella Glennon came first with Steph Bennison being first individually in her arena. Evie Baker, Tilly Basset, Megan Busby and Tamsyn Morris came 3rd with Megan Busby first individually. Bethany Stephens, Tegenn Greenaway, Holly Hale and Kathryn Coleman came 10th an huge effort bearing in mind Holly and Kathryn had only got back from a school trip at 3am and Beths pony had not travelled well. Our final team of Katie Flanagan, Hannah Bragg, Isobel Sutton and Florence Scard-Morgan did exceptionally well only just missing out on qualification. The top 10 teams qualified for the Regional Championships being held at Bicton Arena on the 3rd September and indications are all teams will be attending.

Finally we had two novice teams. Abi Cox, Abi Baker, Isobel Thomas and Sydney Bond came 2nd as a team with Sydney and Abi Cox second individually. There was some confusion over results which were resolved. Our remaining team of Demelza Morris, Ollie Bassett, Phoebe Frost and Florence Wickham were not placed but some excellent riding and Florence Wickham deserves a special mention as she filled the space at very short notice the Friday before the competition and was not familiar with the test and came 2nd in her arena.

Well done to all!

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