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Wow! Monty (Rocket) Wickham, went all alone to south Devon Triathlon to represent East Cornwall. (And then there was one!) . 

Monty had an excellent day , starting with an amazing shoot, with a PB, to go on to another brilliant run, also a PB , and a great swim, to leave Monty gaining an overall 9th place ina strong class, 

Well done Monty , very proud as always very well done, 😄😄

As our Winter League comes to a close, those  athletes who qualified, throughout the south west , went to Milton Keynes to the championship. 

Phoebe managed to qualify, and represented East Cornwall and she only went and got placed . 10th . I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Phoebe, for what was another amazing season. 

Phoebe will be  looking forward to competing her new horse in the forthcoming Tet season as will Kensa also on a new horse, I am looking forward to Tamsyn joining us again for Tet season, Daisy May also give Tets a whirl this season and maybe our little ones having a go. So much fun.  Here’s to East Cornwall Tetrathlon team and wishing them all the best for forthcoming season, Anyone wishing to join us please contact Sonia 07753224998. 

East Cornwall’s home Triathlon took place last w/end and may we  say a massive thank you to the members who took part, 

We had an amazing 7 competitors representing East Cornwall. They all did an amazing job, and more importantly I think they did enjoy their day. 

Competing for their first time ever were Jasmine Wickham and Bethany Rundle in the Beanies, they both had fantastic bean bag throws, Bethany did an amazing run, Bethany had an amazing swim with Jasmine also doing a brilliant swim , very well done girls, hope to see you again. With scores like that. 

Competing also in the mixed Mini”s was Daisy Swain who had a wonderful day , also helping myself set the run course , and running for us all day. Thank you Daisy, Daisy had a wonderful first shoot score, a brilliant run score and  an amazing Swim not far off best swim Daisy very well done. Then we had our Monty Ricket Wickham who had also only just started shooting and had a really good score, an amazing run, and a brilliant swim well done Monty, you have embraced the next class up. 

Onto a huge class the Junior girls Tamsyn Morris came back, to compete with Kensa Bennallick, what a come back Tamsyn with a good shoot, a brilliant run and an amazing swim leaving her just out of the placings well done Tamsyn. Good to have you back, Kensa had a good shoot, good swim and a Pb run Well done Kensa. 

And last but not least our Phoebe, what can I say??? A very good shoot, a fantastic swim, and an amazing run , leaving her second with best run, well done Phoebe , we would also as a team like to take this opportunity to wish Phoebe all the best at the winter Tri champs next W/ end at Milton Keynes , having already qualified in Taunton last month. good luck Phoebe. 

What a day , and what a team trying their very best on the day but most importantly enjoying theirselves and making new friends, well done guys see you very soon. 

Three competitors braved the snowy conditions last week end and competed in the Eggesford Triathlon. 

Snowballs, slipping, sliding and general good fun was had by all, and that was just the parents!

Phoebe had a brilliant day again , very good shoot, slide around the run to have best run , and a fantastic swim, to finish 3rd overall. 

Kensa had a fair shoot, a brilliant run, PB and a good swim . 

Monty (Rocket) Wickham did his first big competition in a huge class, for his first shoot he did an amazing job, PB Monty! his run was excellent and a very good swim. 

Very well done to these three turning out in the snow, where a track was literally dug out for them in the snow. 

Frosty the coach was very pleased , but is working really hard with these three to turn some good results at our Tri in three weeks.😂😂 looking forward to seeing you all.

Three East Cornwall members travelled to Okehampton to compete in the Triathlon. 

Phoebe Frost, had a great shoot, she had a brilliant run, and an exellent swim, Leaving her in 3rd place . Well done Phoebe. 

Kensa Bennallick, Had an improved shoot, ran really well gaining a PB, and also tried hard in the swim, to have a good result, out of the placings in a large class but her placing she are coming up. Well done Kensa. 

Monty Wickham , had another good day, his bean bag was Brilliant. His run was amazing again, and to finish with an awesome swim leaving Monty with a fourth place, well done Monty. 

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